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Steps To Take When You’ve Lost Your Data Or Suspecting Privacy Invasion

If you are a computer owner, you would know that everything doesn’t continuously run perfectly. Especially when you have been attacked by viruses, trojans, and other malware software.  There are times that you will have to fix your computer because every system runs into some sort of technical difficulties. These technical difficulties can consist of hardware and software malfunctions. Some of these problems will give you more headaches than others, and some of them will be an easy fix. Regardless, you need to be aware of some of the more frequent things that happen with computers so that you will be able to fix the problem in the shortest amount of time because we all know that the time we have is precious.


Stop what you are doing

Keep calm and make notes

Check for backups

Package your device properly


Preventing Data Loss

Cyber-attacks are a very common threat in the electronic age. 

While these everyday persons are not usually the target of upscale and extensive attacks, it is still possible that financial and personal data may be stolen by someone with hacking ability. There are some tips that are usually effective that various private investigators have proven as useful that may add a layer of security to a personal computer.

Computer viruses are often the immediate cause of a data loss event. It is quintessential to have a trusted virus scanner and firewall operational on your system. A common misnomer is that if one does not view inappropriate sites one will not come across any problems. This is false; if your computer has a connection to the Internet there is a threat.

Backup your work! This is the simplest and tried and tested measure to ensure you never lose your data. Generally, it is best to have a dedicated backup hard drive in which an exact copy of your system and data can be stored. Further to this, it is also recommended that highly valued data be backed up. The reason is that hard drives can fail, and it is rare to have problems with a physical medium such as a CD or DVD. Finally, it is important to have a form of off-site backup in the event of a natural disaster. An easy way is to simply have another backup hard drive or DVD’s stored at home.


Data loss is a frightening concept and a real threat to businesses and individuals who rely on their computer systems for success. The risks however can be managed by developing a detailed strategy to deal with each possibility along the way.


Professional Help

With the assistance of a private investigator’s advice and assistance, it is possible to protect a computer or device from a hacker. When information has been stolen, these professionals may be of use to track down who did it and recover from the incident. This may mean money and time used, but stopping someone from using the identity of the victim before it has been damaged is essential.

The private investigation may be successful in these situations.

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